Retaining walls

Practical & Aesthetic Walls

The professional masons at Masonry Lubbock have been providing installation, repair and maintenance services to Lubbock area homeowners and businesses for years. We offer you unparalleled experience and skill in these projects. If your property is uneven, you simply need an aesthetic and practical addition to your yard, or you want an aesthetic feature that enhances the look of your yard or other outdoor space, call Masonry Lubbock to find the best local masonry contractor.

Backyard Retaining wall
Backyard Retaining wall

Practical Uses

Retaining walls can be used on properties with uneven outdoor areas to make better use of all outdoor space in a way that also provides resilience and strength to the surrounding environment. A retaining wall can provide needed protection against rising groundwater or maintain uneven ground on your property. Masonry Lubbock strives to be the best masonry builder in the Lubbock area and to make sure you get the right installation.

Added aesthetics

Providing the necessary practical application is only part of the services we offer. Masonry Lubbock also offers a wide variety of design options to ensure your patio, yard, or retaining wall has the visual appeal you desire. Our experts understand that any addition to your property should also highlight your personal design preferences, and we can give you the opportunity to work with professional contractors to design and implement the perfect accent for your yard.


To bring out the best in both aesthetic and practical construction, we offer a variety of materials for use in the Lubbock area. Whether you are looking for concrete block walls, cinder block walls or stone masonry, contact Masonry Lubbock to provide you with the widest selection of materials. If you are looking for a quality brick wall contractor, choosing our professionals is the right choice.

Repair and Restoration Services

Masonry Lubbock brings the city's widest range of masonry services for your retaining wall. Whether you're looking for retaining wall contractors or retaining wall repair companies, or just looking for repair or restoration, contact our expert masons for a variety of treatments. We understand the importance of quality installation and make sure you get the results you want, including an affordable price.

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How long does a retaining wall last?

Retaining walls are built against the ground to hold the soil and provide a level area that can be used for any purpose - whether it be a planter or building a structure or road. The retaining walls are built strong to hold the heavy dirt in place. The lifespan of these walls will vary depending on the conditions of your property and the material selected. Wood or timber retaining walls look great and are easy to install; however, a timber retaining wall can only last about 40 years. A properly installed masonry or concrete wall can last 50-100 years. If the retaining wall is made of stone masonry, it is stronger than other materials and will last even longer. We also recommend installing a drainage system behind the wall structure so that any water can escape. This allows water to flow away from the wall, which will help maintain its strength and extend the life of the wall. Replacing broken blocks can also allow the wall to maintain its strength and look. Timber and interlocking concrete blocks are easier to install and can be a great DIY project. However, mortared masonry and poured concrete are best left to a professionally trained mason who can make sure the job is done right. The most important factor in longevity is the correct installation and construction of your retaining wall.

Are retaining walls necessary?

Retaining walls are just one of the ways to maintain a flat area for greater flexibility and future development of the property. They can be effective, but they are not the only solution. Retaining walls retain soil and provide a nice flat area to use. This allows the dirt to be placed behind the retaining wall instead of having to dig up the dirt and remove it. There are other methods to help contain the earth; however, a retaining wall adds a nice design feature to your property and can allow a place to install a patio or landscaping. A smaller retaining wall can be built to create a beautiful planting area and allow the flowers to be raised to create a new look for the property. This task can be difficult to accomplish without a retaining wall, which can create a level area for the plants. So it is not always necessary, but the practicality and aesthetics that a retaining wall adds to the property area are undeniable. Several material options are available to suit your landscape or budget. To create a retaining wall, we can use: natural stone, concrete, cinder blocks, precast blocks, wood or man-made boulders and pavers.